Andrew Vanhorn

Commander Andrew Van Horn has been a part of Royal Rangers for most of his life starting as a Buckaroo in his younger years. He got back into the program as a commander in his early 20s and has stayed with the program ever since. Andrew has been a practicing and believing Christian since he was 5 years old.

Andrew has a wife, Karin, and 3 kids, David Henry (9), Sophia (7), and Alex (5). He also has 2 dogs and a cat. He recently moved back to Wilmore Kentucky to be closer to his parents and his wife’s parents who happen to be next-door neighbors.

Andrew currently owns 2 businesses, a business coaching franchise and a bookkeeping business. Before that he served full-time in the KY National Guard and in 2007-08 he served in Afghanistan. His wife Karin is working on her doctorate degree in counseling at EKU.2529